Top Tips And Tricks For Repairing Your Heater

Having your heater break down or stop working at a crucial moment is never fun.  When our heaters break they usually do it when we are facing a major storm, want to heat up the house on a cold morning or at a critical moment that could lead to costly repairs.  Before this happens you will want to have heater repair south salt lake ut services performed.  For those that want to troubleshoot it yourself, here are some common issues.

Lack of maintenance

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Probably the top reason why a heater will stop working is because we just don’t maintain them.  At the end of the season we will take our heaters and toss them into a closet or a garage.  Over the course of the year they will be ignored and once needed be expected to work.  When putting your heater away make sure that it is cleaned, protected from the elements and stored in a safe dry place.


Filters are going to be your next issue.  When we have our heaters running it is important to keep an eye on our filters.  Filters are used to pull the air through the system and back out into the room causing the air to heat up.  The filters collect dust, germs and other particles in the air.  When the filters become clogged they need to be change.

Pilot light

Depending on the type of heater you have there might be a pilot light that needs to be lit.  The pilot light is what’s used to ensure that your heater comes on when needed.  If the pilot light goes out it will need to be manually relit.

Yearly checkup

To ensure that our heaters are working and will keep our houses warm as well as their other purposes have your heaters checked on a yearly basis.  This will ensure that there are no leaks, damage and that everything is working well.