Tips For Keeping A Clean And Organized Garage

The garage is the part of the house that typically holds the cars and the rest of the miscellaneous items we collect throughout the year.  In the garage we will have our Christmas decorations, lawn supplies and even kids’ bikes.  With all of these items stored for later use the need for garage door repair fort worth tx is the last thing we want to think about.  This is why keeping a clean and organized garage will minimize your need for repairs.

Shelving Units

The first thing that every homeowner needs to do is have shelving units installed in the garage.  These can be metal shelves, plastic or even wood.  The materials that the shelves are made out of will help in determining what types of items can be stored.  When deciding on what type of shelving units to get or how many look at the items you need to store and go from there.

Peg Boards

Peg Boards are a great for hanging items on the wall.  Peg boards are typically used to hang tools, baskets and miscellaneous odd and ends like tape and cords.  When installing peg bards make sure to first install some two by fours on the wall to create a small buffer between the wall and the holes.  Fastening the board directly to the wall will not give you room to install hooks to hang your items.

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Make space for the car

Don’t forget to leave space for the car.  More often than not there will be spaces in the garage that will be a tight fit between the car and your stuff.  A good rule is to have the distance between an open door and an additional foot of clearance.  This will ensure that you have enough room to park and enter and exit the vehicle.