Remodeling Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Doing repair work or a remodel on your property can be a stressful time.  Deciding on what to do, having people working on your home and the peace and tranquility you once enjoyed gone, having to deal with these and many other issues can cause you to have questions.  Here is a list of questions you can ask your remodeling or cabinetry contractor tampa.

Will a project manager be on site?

Many companies will have a project manager on site at all time.  This will either be the head contractor for the project or a manager.  When we deal with contractors on jobs it is important to have one main individual that you communicate with on every stage of the project.  When we have multiple people in charge areas can be overlooked and work not done properly.  When starting a project have a single point of contact.

How do you handle change orders?

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As projects progress the homeowner will come up with a different idea or a specific part or product wasn’t ordered, came in wrong or something along those lines.  When a change happens or is requested what is the policy and how will it be addressed?

How will you protect my home and property?

When work is being done on a project we have demolition, parts that we will save and specifics that should be maintained.  However, accidents happen so knowing how things are done, who is responsible for any problems and for how much.  Don’t leave this to the last moment.  Make sure everything is spelled out before a single change is made.

Are there any areas you are unsure of that I want done?

Making sure that all aspects are explained and gone over before something starts is critical.  Once something happens and it comes back wrong hearing, “You didn’t say that” is a phrase no one wants to hear.  Make sure everything is explained, in writing and gone over with signatures.